Cop Shoots Gun In Restaurant When Server Tells Him To Stop Groping Her


An off-duty Texas police officer has been arrested after an incident where he sexually assaulted a woman who was bringing him his food at a restaurant, then fired his gun into the wall when she rejected his physical “groping.”

El Paso Police say that they arrested the off-duty Temple Police Department officer after the violent incident that occurred at an El Paso hotel sometime late Tuesday night.

The police report explains that Cpl. Kenneth Lee Sheka, 28, was attending a Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas (C.L.E.A.T) convention when he began harassing a female server, even physically groping her.

The off-duty cop was talking to the woman inside the conference room “hospitality area” for the officers in attendance. Sheka began making sexual comments that the woman didn’t reciprocate or care for. Instead of getting the message, the off-duty officer physically grabbed her in a “sexual manner.”

The woman told him not to do that again, and she turned to walk away, escorted by another male in attendance.

That’s when the El Paso Police say Sheka drew his service pistol, and fired shots into the wall.

Sheka was quickly subdued and disarm by others in attendance who swarmed him before he could hit anyone with further rounds.

Instead of being charged with attempted murder or felonious aggravated menacing, Sheka was only slapped with a single count of deadly conduct/discharge of a firearm, and jailed with a tiny bond set at $2,500.

The Temple Interim Chief of Police says he may face “potential disciplinary actions.”


Source:  Counter Current News

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