Congratulations Zendaya!! Mattel Creates A Look-ALike Zendaya Barbie

It is not often that African-Americans are honored much less having a toy created and made to look just like them.  Actress Zendaya is on cloud 99 right now as the toy company Mattel has created a Barbie doll to look just like her in her attire at the 2105 Oscars.  They really did Zendaya justice because the doll is the spitting image of her.  Take a look:

This is so very cool, our little girls need this, particularly our African-American girls.  It is enriching to have something showcases and embodies beauty.  African-Americans are constantly going through issue about their look from their skin tone to their various textures of hair. May be the creation of this doll will help restore little girls’ confidence in themselves and gives parents a toy to buy to give to them as reinforcement.

Congratulations Zendaya keep doing your thing girl!!

Kudos to the Mattel company for getting it right!!!


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