Colorado Homeowner’s Home Destroyed By Police Attempting To Capture Armed Shoplifter He Calls Them “Paramilitary Thugs”

destroyed home

Colorado homeowner Leo Lech is angry at the “paramilitary thugs” who blew up his home while attempting to apprehend an armed shoplifter who holed up in his home.


“This is an abomination,” said Lech. “This is an atrocity.”

A 9-year-old boy was in the home when the suspect, Robert Seacat, broke into the home. Rather than firing tear gas into the home or breaking down the door, Lech said, overly aggressive police exploded the home.

home owner

“There was obviously some kind of explosive that was fired into here,” said Lech.

ABC 7News Denver reached the Greenwood Village police chief for comment. The chief said “we did what we needed to do to protect human life.”

Source: Ring of Fire

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