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Chicago Public School Announces Nearly 1,000 Layoffs, 500 Are Teachers


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According to WGN 9,  Chicago Public Schools are laying off about 1,000 employees, including nearly 500 teachers. But officials expect most to be hired for other open positions.

Officials with the nation’s third-largest school district said Friday that those affected will be eligible to apply for other jobs in the district, which has about 1,000 teaching vacancies.

The teacher layoffs include 302 at high schools and 192 at elementary schools. The others include 352 high school support personnel and 140 personnel at elementary schools.

CPS officials say the $2.8 billion budgeted to spend at schools is roughly $140 million less than school received in September 2015.

Officials say in previous years, roughly 60 percent of laid off teachers were rehired. CPS officials characterize the layoffs part of the “normal” yearly staff movement between schools.

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