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Chicago Police Questions Amari Brown’s Social Media Activity But He’s Still A Father That Lost A Child

The father of 7-year-old Amari Brown spends a lot of time on Facebook; many of the photos and videos on his page appear to advertise packaged marijuana that is offered for delivery and large quantities of cash – mostly $100 bills.

Despite Antonio Brown’s 45 arrests and 12 convictions – most for cocaine and heroin crimes – he and his attorney maintain that he was not the intended target when his son was shot and killed.

The grade schooler was shot on the Fourth of July by a drive-by shooter at midnight in Humboldt Park.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said the boy’s father was a ranking gang member and the intended target. McCarthy said Brown should have been in jail on gun charges instead of free on bond, which McCarthy said would have prevented his son’s death.

amari brown's father

Brown and his attorney downplay the gang ties. But his Facebook page, under the name Nephew Booboo, feature what appears to be a thriving marijuana business with coded ads and prices for marijuana and for pills.

The site features videos of Brown smoking and dozens of pictures of packages typical of what would be delivered for street sale with a request for delivery information via Facebook mail; $15-25 and the claim “I’m delivering.” One crisp photo shows a marijuana cigarette in the works.

And judging by all the pictures of money, business has been booming. Wads of money, rolls of large bills, money being counted and a video of Brown doing a cash dance in what is described as his new apartment.

Neither Chicago police nor Brown’s attorney have responded to the I-Team’s questions about this video or these photos.

Chicago police and Mayor Rahm Emanuel were highly critical of Brown for not cooperating with investigators about his own son’s murder. Brown’s attorney Thursday said that he did meet with police for what she called a significant period of time – although police have not verified that.

Source:  ABC

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