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Chicago Police Accused Of Misconduct By Family In Englewood

A Chicago family says police barged into the home of a 29-year-old man simply because he lives in one of the city’s high-crime neighborhoods.

LeRoy Hubbard III was walking home to his parents’ house in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side Friday night when two police officers pulled up.

“They said ‘Come here,’ so I just kept walking,” Hubbard said.

“That was his mistake,” said Hubbard’s niece Keeasia Hubbard.

Hubbard, who has no criminal record, says police then entered his home, sparking chaos.

“They start just going crazy in the house,” he said.

The scene was all captured on camera by 14-year-old Keeasia Hubbard, who began filming on her iPad.

The video shows screaming, a struggle to handcuff her uncle, her grandmother falling to the floor while hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine, her grandfather trying to intervene, and a chokehold as more police officers come streaming through the front door.

“They charged me with assault, but how did I assault anybody?” Hubbard said.

Police confirmed Hubbard was charged with aggravated battery to a police officer, and said he is expected in court Tuesday. They declined to comment any further on Friday’s events.

“Just because he lives here,” Hubbard’s father, Leroy Hubbard Jr., yells in the video. “He don’t got nothing on him.”

“They were just basically just assaulting my whole family, so I had to give in just to make it stop,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard’s family has lived in the home for 13 years. His father, a package handler at UPS, says Englewood has a reputation, but he says Friday’s incident was “clearly police misconduct.”

“They do this all the time,” he said. “As far as the police, they do this all the time. They will stop anybody on the street. They want to get lucky, think they’re going to get lucky, you know — somebody’s probably got something. “

Source: NBC Chicago

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