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Chicago Kids To Charge Chicago Police Department With Genocide At The United Nations [VIDEO]

Chicago Kids To Charge Chicago Police Department With Genocide At The United Nations [VIDEO]


A group of youth social justice leaders plan to go to Geneva, Switzerland this November to deliver testimony about the experiences of young people, people of color and other marginalized communities who face targeted violence by police in the Chicago area.

The grass-roots group who call themselves, We Charge Genocide, will speak before the United Nations Against Torture. Their name comes from a petition that was delivered to the United Nations in 1951. Using stories and data from their Youth Hearing On Police Violence the delegates where they will speak out against the crimes against humanity that  are the norm for minority groups in Chicago and across the nation.

“The youth testimonies and CPD data analyzed in our report to the UN reveals a pattern of cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of young people of color by the CPD. This abuse occurs at extraordinary rates, disproportionately against youth of color, and with impunity. Unfortunately, the CPD refuses to acknowledge or respond to this pervasive violence, and thus we are appealing to the UN for support.” said Page May, a We Charge Genocide organizer in a press release.

The group has released a video along with their crowd funding campaign where members of the group dare to say the word “So many of us are afraid to speak.”

The group has raised $3,777 dollars of the $15,000 needed to send the six delegates to Geneva, Switzerland to testify before the U.N. You can check out their crowd fund here: We Charge Genocide.


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