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Chicago Irish Pub Cuts Live Performance Because Of Too Many Black Patrons

It’s nothing new to know that blatant racism still exists but to get it from and establishment that owned by a Chicago Police Officer simply takes that racism to a higher level.  Consumers are not implementing their true buying power, regardless of the color there’s no way an establishment should be allowed to hold  a state issued license when they clearly discriminate.  Yea people are going to say well the owner was drunk, I personally don’t care.  Mike Cummings is an active badge with the Chicago Police Department and he has trampled in the civil liberties of the patrons.  The probability of him doing the same in his professional field I would say is VERY PROBABLE!!!

I personally would not spend one thin dime in this place just to make a point!!

Read the story as reported by NBC Chicago:

Band Claims Set Cut Short Because of Too Many Black Patrons

By Christian Farr
|  Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014  |  Updated 12:11 AM CST


Members of a Chicago band say a bar owner asked them to stop performing at a Beverly establishment over the weekend because they attracted too many black patrons.

The Reprieve Blues Band performed two sets Saturday night at McNally’s when Brandon Bailey — the band’s only black member — says the bar owner told another member of the band that he didn’t want them to perform their third set because “there are too many black people in here.”

Bailey said he invited a lot of family and friends to see him perform at the bar, located at 11136 S. Western Ave., and that up to 30 percent of the audience that night was black.

“I didn’t initially understand what would be the cause for this kind of response,” Bailey said. “We were having a great time, our fans were having a great time, but our third set was short. Why?” Bailey said.

The bar’s owner was not available to comment on the allegation, but a bartender said it wasn’t true.

On Monday night, the bar was hosting a party for a retired black firefighter.

“I’m not surprised, but we wouldn’t be sitting here having this conversation if it didn’t happen,” Bailey said.

Source: NBC Chicago

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