Chicago Artist Spotlight: Only1Law Drops New Single “Black Love” Ft Cherie Soul


New music coming out of Chicago!!!

Only1Law is a rapper from the west side of Chicago and discovered his passion for music 12 years ago. He recently signed to Crowley Avenue Records and is already putting in work.  He released his new single “Black Love” featuring Cherie Soul and currently in the studio working on his self titled album “Only1Law“.

 Only1Law explains to Ear Hustle 411 how he came up with the single “Black Love“:

I really took a step back and observed the rap game and wanted to give a different perspective. I feel “BLACK LOVE” is what was missing and in this day and age, we need that expressed the most.  I’m glad people are feeling and accepting it with such open arms and this means the world to me . #GOODVIBES .

The video was shot in Chicago by LB Vision & Excuse My French Production. Check out the video below:

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