Cher: Thanksgiving celebrates “The Beginning of a Great Crime”

  • Cher  tweeted that Thanksgiving celebrates the ‘beginning of a great  crime’
  • She added  that she does not celebrate the holiday because it glorifies crimes against  native peoples
  • Cher is  part Cherokee and believes settlers stole land from Native Americans and  purposely infected them with smallpox



Pop diva Cher caused controversy yesterday  when she told her almost two million Twitter followers that she does not  celebrate Thanksgiving.

Cher, 67, told a fan that she believes  Thanksgiving is a holiday that glorifies ‘a great crime.’

She went on to say the day celebrates  stealing land from Native Americans who had no concept of property or land  ownership and purposely  giving them smallpox.

The revelation began with an expression of  gratitude when Cher tweeted, ‘2 My Crew… I Hope Tomm.is a Glorious day 4 ALL OF  U Remember.. A Kind Word, Gesture, Or Compliment can make ANY1′s DAY!  THANX4BeingThere4Me.’

A Twitter follower then tweeted, ‘@Cher you  don’t celebrate the holiday I thought? Or was that something I was just  told?’

She responded, emphatically, that she  doesn’t.


Source: The Daily Mail


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