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Cartoons Gives An Interesting Depiction On How Blacks Are Viewed By White People…You Be The Judge!!!

EarHustle411 came across a few animated images that made the writing staff start to wonder.  Is the portrayal and image of blacks as seen by whites so diminished to the point of no return?   Is it “open-season” on the black race? These images on the cartoons below are unfortunately racially disturbing but seem to portray an accurate perception of how blacks are viewed in the eyes of whites. We are most certain there are so many more that are far worse than these few.  Race “relations” (if you want to call it a relation) between blacks and whites is stained with so many blemishes; one truly has to wonder if there is a method or needle and thread big enough and strong enough for a permanent fix.

On this episode of  “You Be The Judge” Earhustle411 wants “you” the reader to judge and answer the above questions but we challenge you to also give a suggestion of solution or resolution.  

Give us your thoughts on whether the animated images are accurate, inaccurate, exaggerated, or just merely scratching the surface.







As interesting as it may seem, cartoons have always been able to depict a better version of reality even when doing so in a “jokingly” manner.

Source:  GoogleDaily Kos (Comment Post), Cartoonstock, HD Wallpaper, The SocyCinema

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1 Comment

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