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Cars Parked In Private Lots In Chicago Can NOW LEGALLY Be Booted In 28 Wards

EarHustle411 came across this story and unfortunately we have to say that we are not surprised.  For those residents who have not paid their parking tickets or have any other infractions against them like owed child support, if your car is parked in a private parking lot one of the 28 Wards in the City of Chicago it can now be booted legally.  In the past it was illegal to put a boot on a vehicle if it was parked in a private parking lot but thanks to the owner of a parking management company that luxury is a thing of the past.  We expect to see a rise in boots and cars being towed

booted car

So imaging you are out and about and you forgot something and you park in a private lot for just a brief minute, HA!!…it could cot you more than you know.  So if you don’t have your stuff in order maybe a nice yellow Denver Boot put in your vehicle in Chicago will help.



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