Can I Have A Soda With A Little Ice And A Splash Of “Poop?” Fecal Bacteria Found In The Ice Machines At McDonald’s And Burger King In The UK

It’s doesn’t matter what country we may be in, cleanliness is next to Godliness!!  The watchdogs in the UK reported traces of fecal matter in the ice machines of several fast food restaurants in the United Kingdom.  Consumers have to be more careful where they spend their hard-earned money and restaurants had better get it together fairly quickly!!

Read more as reported by USA Today:

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BBC One’s Watchdog team found traces of poop bacteria (fecal coliforms) in ice served at McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King locations in the U.K.

Thirty fast food restaurants were tested for the investigation. Ice at three McDonald’s, six Burger Kings and seven KFC locations tested positive for the bacteria. Four of the samples at Burger King and five at KFC had “significant levels,” the Liverpool Echo reports.

All three fast food chains have issued statements on their dedication to proper hygiene. KFC said it immediately shut down the ice machines at the restaurants in question and will conduct an investigation, the Echo reports.

This news comes shortly after the group also found fecal bacteria in drinks from Starbucks, Caffee Nero and Costa.

Source: USA Today

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