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[CAMEROON] — Officials Intercept Boko Haram’s Arm Shipment

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Three persons suspected to be arms dealers linked to the deadly Boko Haram sect have been arrested by Cameroonian authorities.

A Cameroonian Police offical who spoke to AFP on the condition of anonymity said “members of the BIR (an elite rapid-response unit of Cameroon’s army) and the police found a significant stock of arms including a Kalashnikov and rocket launchers near Goulfey”. Although, he did not mention where the men were from but, he mentioned that the arms came from Chad.

He said, “Three suspects were taken in for questioning, suspected of being among the arms traffickers that supply Boko Haram. The stock of weapons was sizable, and we think the plan was to bring them through Cameroon before taking them to Nigeria.”

Wednesday, Airvibez gathered that other suspected terrorists were arrested by Nigerian military troops while trying to escape into Cameroon through Taraba and Adamawa.

Earlier this month, six suspected fighters and one Cameroonian soldier were killed in clashes after Boko Haram infiltrated into neighboring Cameroon.

A number of terrorists were also arrested in Adamawa State when they came out of hiding in the forest due to hunger in their makeshift camps.

Those that were apprehended led the Nigerian forces to other hideouts. Seven terrorists died, while a large number of improvised explosive devices, IEDs, and rifles were recovered including over 70 motorcycles. A similar encounter in Gombi also led to the death of four other terrorists.

Most fled Nigeria for its neighbouring country due to the intense offensive launch against them by Nigerian forces.


Source:  Airvibez.com



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