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Callin’ It Like I See It!!

In the last couple of weeks there has been disturbing news surrounding our young people.  The story of the young boy (he does not get to be called a man) who successfully conspired to kill his mother for her hard earned money and the proceeds of her insurance policies.

Now not everybody all speak up at once….since when did children not be afraid of their parents.  I’ll tell you when:

1.  When they took prayer out of schools

2. When the state started minding the business of individual households

3.  When parents are the “kick it” buddy of their children

4.  When it became acceptable to have children at the age of 13

5.  When the community stopped caring

and the list goes on and on.  I know even right today I am still afraid of my mother and she has been deceased for 26 years.  My children know when I mean business.  We have to get back to the concept of FAMILY.  The world and technology cannot continue to raise our children.

The time is now to reach back and snatch some sense into the parents because a child can only emulate what they see! Get right with the Creator, learn to love again and it is only through tough love that the family can regain a solid connection.

Don’t let your family have a weak link or a break-away chain, solder that link together so it does not come apart.

Peace and Blessings

Huggs and Love



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