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British Woman “Marries” Her Dog In Expensive Lavish Wedding After Her Marriage To A Man Went Sour

Newlywed Amanda Rodgers says she and her dog Sheba just have a very deep emotional connection.

A British woman says she has finally found the true meaning of marriage now that she has divorced her husband and married her dog.

Amanda Rodgers and her dog/wife Sheba appeared on British television’s ITV’s “This Morning” Tuesday to discuss why she decided to wed her pet in a ceremony attended by 200 people in Croatia last week, reports the Mirror.

“She was two weeks old and she was new to the world — but I fell in love with her,” Rodgers, 47, told the show’s hosts. “I knew that we were meant to be.”

Rodgers, whose Twitter feed uses the name “shebarodgers,” told the Metro she got down on one knee to propose and ascertained from Sheba’s wagging tail that she said yes.

She said the ceremony, which ended with a kiss, was the perfect way to mark what Sheba means to her. She told the Metro her new life partner was never unkind to her and the dog is always happy.

“Sheba had been in my life for years, making me laugh and comforting me when I was feeling low,” she told the Metro. “I couldn’t think of anything more I’d need from a life partner.”

The 46-year-old is thrilled to have ditched her husband for her dog.

Rodgers married a man 20 years ago but the marriage only lasted a few months.

The newlywed, who cradled the dog in her lap and petted it lovingly during the interview, admitted it is a big step to go from caring for a pet to loving it.

But, she said, “There are different kinds of love — my love for Sheba is very deep. We have a deep connection.”

Rodgers said Sheba, a 4-year-old Jack Russell, controls whether they sleep in the bedroom and added she once made a man sleep in the dog bed for a whole week, the Mirror reports.

And Sheba definitely knows the spell she has Rodgers under.

Sheba, a Jack Russell terrier, runs the show.

“I am totally her b—-h,” she said in the interview.

The scene was emotional for some and hilarious for others.

“Can you give yourself a hernia by trying not to laugh!? 😉 #IMarriedMyDog,” tweeted host Phillip Schofield.


Source: Daily News

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