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Breaking News: Cop Who Killed Samuel DuBose Released on Bail

Breaking News: Cop Who Killed Samuel DuBose Released on Bail

Police Officer Ray Tensing, who is accused of murdering Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop in Cincinnati, was released Thursday evening hours after his arraignment on a murder indictment.

Tensing, 25, was indicted Wednesday on one count of murder and one count of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of the unarmed DuBose on July 19. He pleaded not guilty. If Tensing is convicted on all charges, he faces life in prison.

Two other officers who responded to the incident were placed on administrative leave Thursday as a result of an internal investigation, a rep for the University of Cincinnati said. Further details were not immediately available.

Tensing, a University of Cincinnati police officer, appeared in Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas in prison stripes and handcuffs. During the proceedings that lasted just minutes, Judge Megan Shanahan read the two charges and set bond at $1 million, which drew cheers from members of DuBose’s family in court. The outburst prompted a strong rebuke from the judge.

He was placed on suicide watch but released Thursday evening on $100,000 cash, acceptable in lieu of the bond.. He was not part of the general population, officials said.

“I think he’s relieved, as anyone would be,” said Major Charmaine McGuffey, of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

DuBose, 43, was killed during a traffic stop near the University of Cincinnati’s campus, authorities said, noting that he was stopped because his car did not have a license plate in the front.

He’s been crucified since this thing first happened by the whole community without knowing what the evidence is,” said Tensing’s attorney, Stewart Matthews.

Two videos were released by the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office when the indictment was announced Wednesday. The first shows the shooting from Tensing’s body camera. The second video, from the body camera of an arriving officer, shows Tensing lying in the road before he gets up to run toward DuBose’s crashed car.

Neither video shows Tensing being dragged as he has told investigators, according to a police report and his radio call. Matthews said he believed a jury would find that Tensing did not overreact during the traffic stop.


Source:  Abcnews

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