The Braxton Family Values Matriarch Evelyn Braxton explains ‘devastating’ arrest




Evelyn Braxton took a moment to address what happened when she found herself in lock up for possession of a taser gun.

When the Braxton’s visited “The Arsenio Hall Show” recently, the late night host wanted to know what landed the usually even tempered matriarch in trouble with the law. “It just sounds so strange,” Evelyn told Arsenio. “My lawyer told me to get a taser to protect myself. I bought the taser and I forgot it was in my purse.  She added, “I was afraid for my life. My life has been threatened.”


Toni noted that although carrying a taser is legal in Atlanta, but Towanda pointed out that the laws are not the same everywhere. “She had the taser in New York,” Towanda explained. “Unfortunately, we had no idea that the taser was illegal in New York. So when she went through security, they arrested her.”

“That’s a very devastating thing, especially when you try to live your life and trying to be an example,” Evelyn told Arsenio. “Then you end up a jail bird.”

In an attempt to break the tension and keep the situation light, Trina jokingly shouted, “Now you see what it’s like mommy! See? You were so mad at me!”

Source:  Sister 2 Sister

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