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Bow Wow Tells A Fan On Instagram He Makes Millions Off Of People With Alcohol Addictions

Looks like Shad Moss aka Bow Wow had caused yet another stirring ruckus on Instagram.  On his IG feed be posted a photo of him holding an almost empty bottle of liquor.  A “concerned” fan asked him if he had an addiction to alcohol and told him to grow up. It gets better, of course Bow Wow responded and it’s a portion of his response that’s making IG go ham.

Check it out:

#BowWow vs Fan #ClapbackSeason

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We agree that alcohol addiction just as bad as a drug addiction, however grown folks are going to do what they want to do.  At least Bow Wow thanked her for her concern…right?

Well dang Bow Wow!! We guess if you’re gonna tick people off this is one way to do it!

Source: The Shade Room

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