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Bold Thieves Crash A Car Into The Louis Vuitton Store On Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

The crooks of this millennium have gotten to be a bit bold.  Strategically crashing a car into the from of the Magnificent Mile’s Louis Vuitton store while not a first time that style of theft has occurred but in the area of the store’s location one doesn’t expect that to happen.

Well with this type of theft activities going on you can best believe the Chicago Police will be stepping up patrols in downtown Chicago.

Read more as reported by the Chicago Tribune:

Photo Credit: Antonio Perez (Chicago Tribune)

Photo Credit: Antonio Perez (Chicago Tribune)

Five robbers crashed a car into a Louis Vuitton store on the Magnificent Mile and stole merchandise, Chicago police said.

The dark-colored sedan crashed into another car before plowing into the revolving doors of the store in the 900 block of North Michigan Avenue just before 12:05 a.m., police said.
The robbers grabbed several items from the store and fled in a dark-colored SUV, leaving the car behind, according to Chicago police.

No injuries were reported, and no one was in custody.

Officers taped off the entrance to the store early Monday. The sedan, its driver’s door open, was on the street. Shattered glass was on the sidewalk.

The robbers crashed into an Uber driver who was in the process of giving a man and a woman a ride. The driver told WGN-TV that it appeared the robbers were trying to back out of the store when they crashed into his sedan.

“They tried to run away, they couldn’t so they used the other car to get out,” he said.

A woman who was seated in the back seat of the Uber told WGN-TV that they were driving on Michigan Avenue when she saw the vehicle in the Louis Vuitton store.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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