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Black Barbie Dolls Are Featured With Different Natural Hairstyles

black barbie with natural hairBlack Barbie Dolls with natural hair, kinky, curly and short styles is a post request that we have been getting for weeks. Being a leader in black hairstyles and information we decided to put this collage together and bring some light to what can be sold in stores for our young African American girls. Not sure why beautiful options like these dolls are not in big box retail stores.black-barbie-with-natural-hair-twistsOur daughter who is 5 years old saw this feature being put together and immediately asked for two of them. The Whitney Houston black barbie is so good. She looks just like the legendary RnB singer.


black-barbie-with-dreadlocksThere are so many talented designers and artist on Pinterest and Etsy that are creating them. There is always some controversy when talks about these kind of dolls come up. Everything from a name to the heads itself comes up in that conversation too. The discussion is one that needs to be had on a major scale especially since the African American community has so much buying power.

The influence alone of being able to walk in a Walmart or Target to purchase black barbies like these would create a positive experience for little girls of color nationwide. We have toyed with the idea of creating a black Thirsty Roots doll and will continue to listen to our readers and followers. If the demand is high enough we will comply.

Source: Thirsty Roots

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