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Belgian Newspaper Depicts President Obama And Wife As Monkeys

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A Belgian newspaper is rightfully facing a slew of backlash after the publication printed an image of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama depicted as apes on the cover of their latest issue.

Nigerian-born author Chika Unigwe ignited the discussion over the image by tweeting it earlier this week before later suggesting that African-America residents in Belgium “don’t have a voice.”

The De Morgan newspaper has since “apologized” for running the image, insisting that it was meant to project satirical undertones about President Obama selling drugs…and being a monkey…rather than racist ones.

According to the Huffington Post, one reader even defended the photo, saying the publication is known for its’ use of satirical images and that “there are [also] tons upon tons of pictures and t-shirts with Bush drawn as an ape.”  Be that as it may, we have not an ounce of doubt that the person responsible for running the image was well aware that it would be perceived as racist.

Source: Bossip.Com

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