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[AUDIO] “Hackivist” Anonymous Posts Audio Of Ferguon, MO Dispatch Calls For Assistance


“Anonymous” has struck again!! The “hackstivist” released an audio YouTube video of the dispatch officer for the Ferguson, MO police department taking calls on the day that Michael Brown was killed.  It would appear that the Ferguson, MO Police Department had absolutely NO CLUE of what had happened because it wasn’t called in.

This situation is getting more and more bizarre!! I will be so glad when the details are fully released and the process of justice commences.  Michael Brown may not have received the citizen of the year award but he didn’t deserve what happened to him, just as I don’t condone people making death threats against Darren Wilson. 

The system we have isn’t the greatest but it is the one we have and there is a process that must take place.  If we all grasp the fact that cooler heads can and do prevail, we will be able to really do some work by pushing for change like Michael Bell did in Wisconsin when his son was gunned down by the police.  If you’re not aware the issue of race was never a factor although the victim was white, he was still a human being!!

Take a listen to the audio:



Source: YouTube


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