Aspiring Rapper Missing For 3 Weeks Found Dead At The Same Location He Was Last Seen

Jeremy Nixon

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Nearly three weeks after he was reported missing, an up-and-coming Chicago area rapper was found dead in the same place he was last seen, prompting his family to accuse police of botching the investigation into his disappearance.

“This is just too much, and unacceptable,” Jonathan Armstrong said.

Armstrong said his 27-year-old son Jeremy Nixon was found dead Monday night at a home at 144th and Eggleston in Riverdale, which doubled as a recording studio. That home recording studio is also the last place Nixon, a rapper who goes by the name Boss Status Duke, was last seen alive last month.

“Never did I ever imagine that he was going to be at the place where this happened at three weeks ago,” Armstrong said.

Police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed a decomposed male body was found in the home Monday night, but have not released the name of the victim.

Detectives from Nixon’s hometown of Dolton and the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force confirmed they are working on the case, but police in Riverdale – who are leading the investigation – have provided few details.

Armstrong said his son was last seen the night of Nov. 16, when witnesses saw two men with guns leading Nixon out of the home. What happened next is a mystery.

“That’s when I get two different stories,” he said.

Riverdale police launched a “shooting” investigation, but did not find a victim.

Armstrong went on the hunt himself. He said he checked vacant buildings, apartments, and houses.

“I’ve even had guys out here with four-wheelers,” he said.

After his son’s decomposed body was found Monday night, Armstrong questioned if police ever entered the property to search for his son. He has requested a review of the original investigation.

CBS 2’s Lauren Victory tried to ask investigators and the home studio’s owner why the discovery took so long, but got no answers.

If police did make a mistake in the investigation, “they just need to talk to my lawyer at this point,” Armstrong said.

Riverdale police did not respond to questions about the investigation.
Source: CBS News

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