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Ask Marlee: I Gotta Have It

ask marlee
Hi Marlee,

I’m a nymphomaniac, I can’t help myself, I’ve been with at least 100 men and I’m only 19. It started when I was 11 years old. My cousin’s friend molested me but the crazy part was that I liked it. I didn’t scream, cry or ask him to stop. I actually didn’t want him to stop. I never told anyone accept you. I trust your advice and know you won’t judge me. I know I need help but I’m too embarrassed to talk to someone face to face. I been very careful to use protection but I did slip up a few times and thank god I didn’t get pregnant or any diseases. Marlee, it’s getting worse. I’ve had threesomes with random strangers that I met at various places, I slept with my best friends boyfriend, my cousins husband, my boss and my teacher. I really want some help for this because my days are all about sex, I can’t concentrate on anything else. Please help me because I’m spiraling out of control. Thanks.

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