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Article Written By “The Scribe”- The Negro Question?




What exactly is The Negro question? There are actually two elements that I would like to examine concerning this question. The first element has to do with the relocation of the African American. The second element of this question deals with Noah and his three sons. Which one of Noah sons fathered the Negro? During President Lincoln’s administration the question was asked what can we do about these 5 million Negro’s in America. Three United States Presidents tried to answer that question; Lincoln, Monroe and Andrew Jackson. James Monroe appropriated $100,000 in gold for the emigration of the Negro back to Africa but the Negro elders refused to leave.

For some inexplicable reason they felt that the land of captivity was their home. Abraham Lincoln worked the hardest, he tried to secure land in South America for the Negro but three nations (Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica) in South America balked at the idea. Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica went so far as to say that if the Negro was relocated to their hemisphere that they would see it as a declaration of war. Thus when the emancipation of declaration was passed, the Negro question was never answered. Consider this for a moment the Jewish question was answered in 1948 when the Jews were given the land of Israel. The Vatican question was answered in 1927 with the signing of the Lateran treaty, giving Rome to the Pope. This is as far as I can go with this subject but there is a book that I highly recommend called The Negro Question, Who Am I? The authors name is Lee Cummings and it is an excellent book, I highly recommend it if you are in pursuit of the truth.Negro question book                                       Is the Negro a descendant of Ham?


The second element of the Negro Question deals with a dicey question and that is, what if the Negro is not the son of Ham? There is a book that you can purchase on Amazon.com called, The Negro Question Part 2, The Slave Ships That Came From Judah, The author is Lee Cummings. On the front of the book the author displays a map created by the Royal Cartographer, Emanuel Bowen. Emanuel Bowen carried the title Royal mapmaker for two Kings; King Edward the 3rd of England and King Louis the 15th of France. The map is dated to 1747 and on this map at the very bottom of the page you can see where the Europeans named a piece of West Africa the Slave Coast but above it, the original name of that land mass was called the Kingdom Of Judah! Now what really got me about this book was the author Lee Cummings cites as a source for states that all of the European slave trading nations had a port at JUDAH! The author uses another source from Boston University, A cultural history of Atlantic world, John K Thornton. The writer states that the capital of Judah was Savi and that the French had a trading post at Judah. This would mean based on the research of Lee Cummings thathe map, Northwestern University. On page 5 of the Negro Question Part 2, Northwestern University calls it an authentic map of Negro land 1747. On page 6 of this book the author, Lee Cummings cites as a back up source a document from Louisiana State University, Creole New Orleans Race and Americanization. On page 6 of this book it says, “ that six ships came from Judah and landed at the mouth of the Mississippi and in 1731 one ship came from Judah and landed 464 slaves at the mouth of the Mississippi. This would mean that the African Americans in the Americas and the Caribbean are none other than the Israelite of the Bible. On page 69 of this book it t every supposed African slave that came pouring into the slave trade was none other than Israel. If that is indeed the case then the Negro in North America (United States), South America, Central America and the Caribbean’s are the descendants of Shem, not Ham. If you are a lover of the truth or if you love a great mystery, I just gave you one.…..see you next time….the SCRIBE!

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