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“Arnold Schwarzenegger Says It’s Cheaper to Keep Her, He’s Prolonging Divorce with Maria Shriver”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has 2 very good reasons NOT to  finalize his divorce … and one has to do with writing a big fat check  to Maria Shriver.

As you know … Maria filed for  divorce in July, 2011, after finding out her hubby had been banging the maid and  produced a son.


Sources familiar with Arnold’s situation tell TMZ …  there’s no prenup so under California law it’s pretty simple — 50/50.  And  our sources say there’s no real issue over custody of their only minor  child.


So why, you ask, has this divorce dragged on 2 1/2 years?   We’re told Arnold doesn’t want to write a gargantuan check to Maria … and we  know how much — and it hurts.

Sources tell us their net worth is around  $400 million.  We’re told Arnold knows Maria is entitled to half — but  knowing it and watching around $200 million leave your bank account are 2 very  different things.



Source: TMZ



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