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An “Ad Tax” Could Literally Bankrupt Illinois Small Businesses [Video]

The Illinois Government are trying to do everything possible to get more funds poured into the state by any means necessary.  Unfortunately, their tactics are going to only hurt the working class, the poor and the small business owners.  Illinois is now trying to implement an “ad tax” meaning they want Illinois businesses that uses the name different methods such as, radio, billboards, television, internet and print to pay a tax to use those methods above and beyond the cost of the service.

no il ad tax

For example, if ABC Salon or XYZ Insurance Agency wants to advertise on a billboard at 87th & State Street and the ad costs $2000 there will be a 10% tax added to the costs of the advertisement making the business to pay an additional $200 on top of the $2000 advertisement charge.

We are all for balancing the budget and even making cutbacks, however these cutbacks and programs being cutout are not affecting the “well to do” people in the state.  It’s the poor, the small business owner and the working class citizens that are affected the most.

Check out the video below for more information about the “Ad Tax”:

If an ad tax passes you can best believe the cost will be passes on to the consumer.  The people in the State of Illinois are already paying more than enough.  Just ask the people who live in Chicago, they have the highest sales tax in the country.  Where does it end?? If the State is going to “trim the fat” start with cutting back on yearly salary increases and of course there are numerous ways to have a “lean” budget, look into those options first before implementing another tax on the people who are already on the brink of financial insanity.

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