Amina Buddafly Is pregnant With Peter Gunz 10th Child Either No Abortion Or Pregnant Again?

Amina Buddafly Is pregnant With Peter Gunz 10th Child No Abortion Or New Pregnancay?

It was widely stated that Amina had an abortion, which was confirmed by Amina in a recent episode of the reality show.

Now it has been revealed that Amina is actually pregnant and is visibly pregnant, she just announced it at the LHHNY reunion. All three are in cahoots it seems with the grand master pumba exec-producer Mona Scott Young.

Here’s what Amina said about terminating her pregnancy to VH1: “I made the best decision in that moment.  I don’t like regrets in general or to think about anything I can’t change in the past.  It is what it is, and I have to move on from it but sometimes I’m really sad about it and still, I’m going to be sad for a long time.”

So either Amina did not get an abortion, or she was not pregnant, or she got an abortion and got pregnant again. What a bloody mess.

Tara and Peter, 48, were together for 13 years they share two sons. Jamison “Juice” and Kaz “Milk”.

Peter has a total of eight children and three grandchildren: Eldest child and son Cory, 28, who has twin daughters, Madison and Mckenzie; eldest daughter Whitney, 23, who has a daughter, Nani; Kennedi, 15, Brandon 14, Phoenix, 8, Jamison “Juice”, 7, Kaz “Milk”, 3 and Cori 16 months old.

Either Peter Gunz is the 21st century Casanova or these women are just blundering idiots!!!!!


Source:  realitywives

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