AMC Theaters Showing “Purple Rain” In 87 Theaters Across The Country

With tributes pouring out from every corner of the Earth for the late Prince, one company plans to continue to uplift his memory with this recent news.

According to Mashable, AMC will showcase Prince’s 1984 hit film Purple Rain in 87 theaters nationwide beginning April 23 and ending on April 28.


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Directed by Albert Magnoli, Prince takes on the role of “The Kid,” a frontman of the band The Revolution. Throughout the film, the “Adore” singer’s character battles obstacles in his personal life concerning his father’s abuse. Throughout the reel, The Kid struggles between staying afloat in terms of creating a successful name for the band while enduring harsh realities within his home. During one scene, the emotional melody “Purple Rain” was born.

In case you’re not familiar with the cinematic feature, check out the trailer below and jot down the nearest movie theater in your city to view the full film.

Source: Vibe

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