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After Saying Prison Guards Were Trying To Kill Him, Man Found Dead In His Cell

After Saying Prison Guards Were Trying To Kill Him, Man Found Dead In His Cell

On the morning of July 29, 2015 my family received a call that my beloved brother, Darrell S. Murray was found “unresponsive” this morning in his cell.
When my Sister Ranisha Murray called to gather information from the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, MD “Captain” Robert Tichnell refused to allow her to speak to higher authorities. She asked to speak to the

Warden or the Asst and was denied. She called 4 times, each time he yelled and was the definition of disrespectful and demeaning.

Over the past year after being shifted from different institutions my brother exclaimed that he felt he would be killed by the guards/correctional officers. My brother told of being sexually harassed, physically assaulted while being stripped to nude and racial slurs used to instigate. Placed in a maximum security prison for low level drug charges, he expressed his efforts to write up a “ticket” each and every time he was mistreated, determined not to be abused. The COs told him if he continued to write them up, they would put him on lock-up, revoke visitation and all family calls.

My brother’s murder has been deemed a “suspicious homicide” and are claiming the current sole suspect was his cell mate… However, they haven’t charged him.

My brother was a warrior like no other. Family first, amazingly passionate and respectful, he always sought a way to support others. He did what he had to do to survive, and had aspirations of becoming a licensed barber. Anyone who knew him, knew his passion for animals, always caring for a dog by his side. He never had his opportunity to live, as he was found just 6 days shy of his 31st birthday. While incarcerated he deepened his spiritual journey and was awaiting the opportunity for parole in January 2016.

My family is demanding answers. Speak my brothers name. Share this widely. Support my family
-Sisters Ranicha Murray and Shawna Murray-Browne#Justice4DarrellMurray #DarrellMurray


Source:  Yourblackworld

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