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Affluenza Judge who Gave Rich Teen Probation for Killing 4 in DUI, Sentenced 14 Year Old Black boy 10 Years for Accidentally Killing someone



Judge Jean Boyd has been in the media lately for letting 16-year old Ethan Couch off the hook after he killed four people.  Couch was on a drunken joyride with his friends when he hit four people, causing them to lose their lives.  He also paralyzed one of his friends.

The judge said that Couch suffered from “Affluenza,” a condition in which his wealth and privilege kept  him from understanding the consequences of his actions.  The judge gave the boy no prison time and 10 years probation, sending him to a rehab facility for the rich.

But the judge has a history that some are considering to be racist.  There was a 14-year old boy that Boyd sent to prison for over a decade after he punched another child who fell, hit his head and died.  So, even though he didn’t intend to kill anyone, this youth will now suffer for life after experiencing the torture, rape, isolation and abuse that occurs in the state prison system.   This doesn’t count the fact that he will be labeled a felon for the rest of his life, devoid of job and educational opportunities.

So, even though Boyd didn’t give the young man life in prison, she may as well have.

In another case, a 14-year old African American boy who participated in a robbery was given life in prison without parole.   He didn’t even pull the trigger.  Boyd wasn’t the judge in this case, but it shows the differential treatment of African Americans in the criminal justice system.

Yvette Carnell at BreakingBrown.com speaks on it:

Black teens, however, aren’t nearly as lucky when they come before the courts. Kuntrell Jackson, who is black, was 14 years old when he took part in a robbery that ended with the death of a store clerk. Even though Jackson was not the trigger man, he was tried as an adult sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Evan Miller, who is also black, was 14 when he was convicted of murdering a man he was attempting to rob. He was also sentenced to life without parole

Brothers, this is what black men are up against.  You have to fight for your rights.

The million dollar question here is why judges are allowed to get away with destroying the lives of black children and no one says anything?  Do we care about our young people, or are we ok with them being herded into prisons so that private corporations can make a profit?

The Corrections Corporation of America is one of the most profitable companies in America and they make their money by housing people in prison, mostly black.  If this isn’t a violation of human rights, then what is?  Maybe we need to call on the United Nations.

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