Adam Selah Claims He Was Kicked Off A Delta Airlines Flight For Speaking Arabic; Company Denies Discrimination Claims

Another unfortunate situation taking place on a plane.  Adam Selah took to social media via video as he was allegedly being put off of a Delta Airlines flight.  He states he was kicked off the flight for speaking another language.  Selah stated he was speaking in Arabic to his mom and a friend when he was asked to leave the plane.  Adam then from what we gather from reports turned on his camera and began recording the incident.

Take a look:

Adam posted on his social media that he and his friend Slim were taking another airline to NYC but not after they had been searched for 30 minutes. He does state he is going to consult an attorney and is calling for a boycott against Delta Airlines. Now what we know about Adam Selah and his friend is they are “pranksters” and that should have no bearing of what can clearly see what is being done by the security on the flight.

Unfortunately this is not the first time a major airline had been blasted for removing someone from the plane for speaking a different language. Remember the young man who was ejected from a flight because of a word he spoke in his native language? There are many more stories out there. Well we are most certainly sure this isn’t the first nor will it be the last situation such as this and it’s very unfortunate that in 2016 stuff like this is going on.

We hope Adam Selah and his friend recover and move on from this but not before exercising their right to justice. Fight for what is right!!!

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