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A Young Boy Transitions To Transgender At 5-Years Old Now Lives As A Girl.

A Yong Boy Transitions To Transgender At 5-Years Old Now Lives As A Girl.

A young Transgender girl named Jazz Jennings who was born a boy states she knew from the start that she was a girl.  She said she knew as early as two years old that something was wrong.

She said the way she expressed it to her parents was by gravitating to Barbie Dolls, dresses and anything feminine.  It wasn’t that she liked the girly objects, she just knew she was a girl.

Jazz says she was happy to have such supportive parents that showered her with unconditional love and accepted her for who she was however, she said she never considered herself male. “I was never a boy. I was born a girl trapped in a boy’s body.” she says.

When she was 3-years old she was diagnosed with gender  dysphoria which is   a condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex.

Jazz’s parents never heard of a child so young transitioning with this type of diagnoses so they waited until she was five to complete the process.

Check out the video below… Hey Jazz!!!!



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