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A White Father Refused To Let A Black Nurse Treat His Baby In An Emergency Threatening To Bash Her Face In; The Baby Unfortunately Dies

Medical emergencies are probably the worst times to display any type of disdain for a person’s race, especially when the very help one may receive in such a situation could come from the very type of person one may despise or hate.

EarHustle411 has come across some screenshots of tweets posted by someone named @fiercefemtivist on Twitter.  The poster claims her professional assistance to treat a dying baby was refused and she was not allowed to do her job as a nurse to aid and assist a white couple with an emergency to save their baby.

The father and mother to be who were unnamed and allegedly said he didn’t want any n****r nurses to help with the care of the baby.  According to the tweets, not only was the nurse offended and couldn’t do her job, the baby died as a result of all the racial nonsense going on.

Unfortunately the twitter handle @fiercefemtivist’s account has been deleted but that did not stop social media from going crazy or the tweets from going viral.

What person in their right mind would refuse medical help regardless of the person’s race?  We’ve heard about refusing medical help due to religion but this scenario (should it be an accurate account) really takes the cake.

EarHustle411 poses this question: What would you do in this situation whether black or white, would you refuse medical assistance simply based on race?  YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!

We hope no one would be so shallow to allow their personal discord for a person’s race to prevent them from getting proper medical care in their time of need and let alone to allow their loved one to die because of their feelings

Take a look at the snapshots below and share your thoughts.

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