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“A Nigerian Man Allegedly Beats Son to Death and Padlocks His Mouth to Silence his Screams”



Child abuse is everywhere and it needs to be put to an end.  Children do not ask to be born, their parents are responsible for bringing them here.  So if you ever find yourself feeling that your child owes you something and you want to put your hands on them beyond what a reasonable person would call a spanking, do remember that.

Chris Elvis, a father in Nigeria, lost sight of his role as a father and beat his 4-year-old child, Godrich (pictured), to death.  He padlocked the boy’s mouth so that his screams could not be heard as the ‘evil’ was being struck out of him, as reported by the International Business Times.

Elvis, 30, who worked as a security guard, reportedly had been experiencing a great deal of bad luck, and looked at his child as the reason behind the misfortune.  Elvis allegedly believed his son to be a “child of evil” or “Ogbanje,”  so he did not hold back as he beat him, put a hot iron to his torso, and padlocked his mouth to silence the screams.

Following these horrible actions, Elvis then reportedly placed Godrich into a plastic drum, which he also padlocked.  Godrich’s mother was shocked as she returned home to find her son had been murdered by his own father.  She phoned police immediately.

Elvis is currently behind bars.  When officers first questioned him, he attempted to act wild and out of control as if he were mentally ill.  According to NewsOne, officers were not convinced.


Source: kulturekritic.com

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