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A Group Of White Michigan High School Students Make Video Saying They Want To Bring Back Slavery And “Burn Brand” Blacks

America has more than enough problems with race relations from adults and now the problems are never going to cease because the young people are throwing their issues with race into the ring.  The sad thing about this is racism is not a disease someone is inflicted with, it’s a learned behavior.  The hatred that some whites feel about blacks is beyond disturbing, they then teach that mess to their children and the cycle will never stop.  A group of white high school students from Michigan are the topic of discussion because of a video they mentioned they’d like to bring back slavery.  Grosse Pointe South High School has been on this side of racism by their students before because apparently a group of students were suspended for a photo they posted on Twitter with racial slurs written on their bodies. Take a look:

grosse pointe hs students

photo credit: Twitter

At the end of the day racism isn’t going away anytime soon at least not with  young millennials like this following in the footsteps of their ignorant predecessors.  They don’t need white sheets to hide behind especially with social media being used to “validate” their racist shenanigans.  Sadly, this could be what the future looks like!!

Read more as reported by NY Daily News:

Racism is as American as apple pie, baseball and handguns. If any of us thought it was a relic of the past or something relegated to the Deep South, we were sorely mistaken.

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, several white high school students from Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., a suburb of Detroit, recorded a video where they discussed what they’d love to do if they were elected president in 2040. Among their ideas were bringing back slavery, burning black people with brands and sending them back to Africa. Yeah, really.

This isn’t really coming as a surprise to people who live there. In March, four white students from the same high school were suspended for writing racial epithets on their bodies and posting pictures of it on Instagram. Two additional white students were then suspended for threatening people who reported it. Erika Erickson, a reporter for Fox2 in Detroit tweeted that this is actually the fourth incident of racism from the school.

Racism, it appears, is pretty doggone normal at Grosse Pointe South High School, but we’re seeing racist incident after incident among young white teens all over America.

grosse pointe High School

Photo Credit: Google

On Thursday, we learned that a young black teenager named Dayshen McKenzie died from an asthma attack after being chased by an armed white mob calling him the n-word on Staten Island, N.Y.

Last week, a noose was found hanging on the campus of DePaul University after a week of protests.

High school basketball teams in Iowa and Indiana were subjected to racist taunts from white fans earlier this year.

Racists chants were overheard at a recent high school soccer game in Wisconsin.

Middle school students in Alabama were recently subjected to an outrageously racist math test.

Racist graffiti was recently painted on the walls of the a chapel at A young black college student was repeatedly assaulted by white supremacists and called racial slurs from Donald Trump supporters at a rally in Kentucky.

This is a but sample of the dozens and dozens of racist incidents which happened to make the news. No doubt, many, if not most, have gone unreported.

Nonetheless, here we are, in 2016, staring down problems that could have been cut and pasted from 1926 or 1956. Being black in America is still a very dangerous thing. People still hate your guts because of the color of your skin, and, it appears, they are just as willing to let people know about it as they have been in generations past.

It’s a mess and my gut tells me that it’s only going to get worse in the age of Donald Trump.

Source: NY Daily News

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