95-Year Old Woman Who Was Violently Attacked Dies 2 Months Later From A Stroke

What is the world coming to? In a shocking and saddening story, a 95-year-old Houston, Texas woman has recently died after having been the victim of a violent assault.

Ophelia Outley suffered a stroke two months after being beaten and sexually assaulted when a home intruder broke into her Sunnyside neighborhood residence.  The assailant came inside the house by removing an A/C unit.

ophelia outley

photo credit: ABC13

Where is the national outrage over this violent and hateful crime? Why isn’t more being done to find her killer? And yes, Outley’s family wants the charge against the perpetrator to be murder, citing that her death was a direct result of the attack.  The family hopes with more press coverage someone will provide a tip that leads to an arrest. A suspect has still not been identified and there have been no arrests in the case.

ABC 13 reports, “Outley lived an extraordinary life. She was a veteran, who enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps in 1943, during WWII.” During a time when, “there was segregation in the military, she served in several theaters of operation, including Europe,” according to her family.”

What a shame that this wonderful woman who lived such a full life died in this manner.  Outley and her family deserve justice, and our hearts go out to the them during this difficult and traumatic time.

Source The Ricky Smiley Show

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