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911 Operator Saves Rape Victim After Returning A Suspicious Call

911 operator

OAK HARBOR, WA- A 911 operator saves the day, and a woman’s life, in Oak Harbor, Washington.

Each day Diane Waldroop is dialed in and waiting to help at the Island County 911 dispatch center.  Saturday was no different.

When Diane got a call, there was no answer at the other end. “There was nothing it was just dead air and that will happen sometimes,” she said. So, Diane did what she’d been trained to do in this situation.

“I recalled the number and a male answered the phone,” Diane explained. “Hello?” replied a man on the other end of the line.

“Hi this is 911 we just got a call from this number is there an emergency there?” she pressed.

“Oh no no we’re ok,” replied the man while a woman could be heard screaming in the background.

“Then the line disconnected. It was just the way that he was answering me made me feel like it wasn’t genuine,” Diane remembered.  Turns out, Diane was right.  She traced the address and sent officers to Moran Road on Whidbey Island.

According to court documents, when police arrived they found a woman, covered in feces. The same woman Diane heard yelling for help.  She told police, a man she knew had held her captive for 5 days, brutally raping her.

Police arrested him, while he was hiding in the woods nearby.  “That’s what I come to work for everyday to take that call,” Diane remarked.  Diane may never meet the woman she helped save.  But that doesn’t mean, they’re not connected.

“I played a very large role in her life in just answering a phone,” she explained, When so much is on the line, it’s good to know people like Diane, are there to pick up.

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

Source: Myfoxmemphis.com


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