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70- Year Old Grandmother Arrested For Using A Switch From A Tree To Discipline Unruly Grand-Daughter

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Ear Hustle 411 came across a story so unbelievable it makes you scratch your head and ask why.  A 70-year old  Arkansas Grandmother named Norma Toussaint was arrested for simply disciplining her Great Grand-Daughter who was being rude and talking back.

The grandmother apparently made a switch from a tree where she plucked the leaves off a branch and spanked her granddaughter on her arm.

Almost every adult in today’s generation was either disciplined with a belt or a switch and not once do we recall a police being called or a parent or grandparent being arrested.

We are living in a time where some police officers can beat your children and mentally abuse them for being disobedient but a parent or grandparent will go to jail for a simple spanking.

Apparently leaving welts, marks or bruises on the skin is now considered child abuse and an arrest is now warranted.

Ear Hustle 411 took a poll and 95% of the people we asked did they get spanked when they were younger and they all said yes and with more than just a skinny switch from a tree.  Everyone that was polled believes the arrest was extreme even the few that never got spanked.

Let us know your thoughts, do you think Norma should have been arrested?  Chime in and let us know your thoughts.

Check out the video below:



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