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Manhattan Woman Catches Her Building’s Super On Video Sniffing And Stealing Her Dirty Underwear

Ashley Chase

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

When Ashley Chase began noticing that her lingerie was disappearing from her apartment, she set up a secret camera hoping to shed light on the mystery – and caught her building’s superintendent smelling and stealing her delicates.

Chase, a senior financial analyst from Manhattan, made the shocking discovery in early September, leading to the arrest of 32-year-old Jose Cedillo on charges of burglary as a sexually motivated felony and petty larceny.

The victim later went before a grand jury and testified against Cedillo, which resulted in his indictment, Chase’s attorney told Daily Mail Online Monday. The super has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is currently out on $50,000 bail.

Ten minutes after her departure, the woman got an alert on her phone that someone was walking around her empty unit.

In the secret recording, a man identified by Chase as Cedillo is allegedly seen sneaking inside her apartment and switching on the light.

Chase said later in the clip, Cedillo appears to be holding pair of her unmentionables to his face and sniffing them.

When questioned by police, the 32-year-old man allegedly admitted to the repulsive act, reportedly telling investigators that he took a whiff of Chase’s used undergarments and them tossed them in the trash.

On a warpath: Chase now plans to sue Cedillo, the owners of her building and the company that manages the property

The suspected panty thief also allegedly revealed that he had entered Chase’s unit without her knowledge a few months prior, but Chase and her attorney believe it’s happened more than twice.

Chase’s attorney, Benedict Morelli, told Daily Mail Online that his client, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Master’s degree in finance from Hofstra University, is an independent woman who had lived on her own for four years, but now she has moved in with a roommate because she is araid for her safety.

‘She was so shocked and she said… that she felt violated and she no longer felt safe,’ Morelli revealed in a phone interview.

Chase has retained the services of Morelli and plans to sue Cedillo, the owners of her building and the company that manages the property.

Morelli, a veteran personal injury attorney who represented comedian Tracy Morgan in his lawsuit against Walmart after his near-fatal car accident, told Daily Mail he has reached out to the owner of building on East 55th Street, Michael Sacchetti, asking him to apologize to Chase and make the necessary amends.

But according to the attorney, Sacchetti ‘didn’t want to do things the easy way.’

‘We’re in a society where everybody is worried about a liability instead of a responsibility,’ Morelli said, adding that his client wants to make sure what happened to her would not happen to anyone else

Source: Daily Mail

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