3 Day Old Baby Girl From California Was Mauled To Death By The Family Dogs

dog attack baby

Photo Credit: CBS

According to ABC 7 News, A newborn baby in central Fresno has been mauled to death by the family’s dogs.

The baby girl was just 3 days old.

According to Fresno Police, the baby’s mother opened a door to her home on Glenn near Garland Avenues just after midnight and when she left the baby on the couch and walked away for a few seconds thinking the dogs were tied up.

Officers say the mom rushed back when she heard the baby’s cries.

“For any child to get injured, it hurts,” Daniel Macias with the Fresno Police Department said. “But a newborn, we know how precious life is and it’s very unfortunate this happened.”

The dogs, which are believed to be shar-pei pit bull mixes, were taken by the SPCA.

Police weren’t sure if they would be put down.

At this point, charges have not been ruled out but officers believe this was an accident.

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