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25-Year Old Mother Of 4 Tries To Sell Her 10 Month Old And Abandons Her 2-Year Old With A Stranger


A 25-year-old mother-of-four, Elizabeth Gayton, has been arrested for trying to sell her 10-month-old baby girl for $500 on two separate occasions. While police were investigating the allegations they also discovered that Gayton had abandoned her two-year-old daughter with a complete stranger on April 25. The woman is now being held on charges of child endangerment and kidnapping.

Fox Cleveland reports that the 25-year-old woman from Cleveland, Ohio, was reported to police after family members say she tried to sell her 10-month-old daughter, Annabel, on two separate occasions for $500. The family members say that Gayton approached them with an offer to buy the child from her for a low price of $500. Gayton is a mother-of-four and is currently in jail waiting trial after police discovered a startling history of child endangerment.

In addition to attempting to sell her young daughter, Gayton had recently abandoned her two-year-old daughter with a person she had just met. The police report indicates that Gayton left the two-year-old in the stranger’s care after just meeting them the day before. The woman then proceeded to attempt to sell the other baby.

According to the Daily Mail, the baby is now in the care of her great-grandmother, Sally Gayton. Sally is no newbie to raising children as she has been charged with helping raise 11 children, 33 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren in her life. Sally says that her granddaughter, Elizabeth, has demonstrated on numerous occasions that she is incapable of caring for a child and that the children deserve better. Sally also notes that if Elizabeth couldn’t care for the children that she would have gladly taken them in.

“It makes me mad to think of what this little kid had to go through for her mother to treat her like that. They don’t deserve to have any kids if they were going to do that. I would have had them. I’m an old lady now so I know I don’t have long to live, but she’s a joy to me, taking care of her.”

Elizabeth Gayton is still in police custody awaiting trial for attempting to sell 10-month-old Annabel to her family and for abandoning her two-year-old with a complete stranger. The 10-month-old’s father, Corryuane Paige, also has a warrant out for his arrest for an incident involving both Elizabeth and the baby girl. Police allege that Paige tried to stab Elizabeth and kill Annabel during an altercation.

Sadly this isn’t the first time a parent has tried to sell their baby. Another couple was caught trying to sell their baby daughter so they could purchase shoes and an iPhone.

Source: Inquisitr

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