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19-Year Old Texas Teen Arrested For Plotting A Church Mass Murder…WTH!!!

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Nicholas Amrine, a 19-year-old resident of Texas, was arrested on Thursday, July 2 for plotting a mass murder that had chilling similarities to the 1999 Columbine shooting in which 12 students and a teacher were shot and killed by two resentful Columbine students who later took their own lives.

Amrine shared a comparable attitude. According to police documents, the Fortworth teen had been kicked out of his church’s youth group because of his unstable behavior. He was later arrested for posting statements about massacring his own church in a similar fashion to that of the Columbine event.

“Amrine admitted that he used his personal Facebook account to post all the threats of violence and warning directed at Convergence Church,” the arrest affidavit said.

On June 3, one of his posts said, “All the kids that forgot about me are going to get what they deserve. It will be over in a flash. It will be over in a bang, u will see my face and then nothing else ever again.”

That same day, Amrine contacted a church official by text, saying that he intended to kill “13 people like Columbine.”

In another shocking post, Amrine shared a photo of the Columbine shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Kebloid, referring to them as “heroes.”

Another Facebook post shows a picture of Amrine holding a rifle with the statement, “Run up on me. I dare ya.”

On Wednesday, July 1, Amrine was officially charged with making terroristic threats and intent to influence after threatening to carry out a mass shooting during a youth group event.

Amrine admitted to posting the threats to his Facebook page and apologized for his actions after being released on bond.

His July 3 post reads, “I apologize to everyone for what I said on June 3rd. “That is not who I am and I would never do such a thing. The things I posted on Facebook were wrong and I should have never done that.”

“I was constantly flooding my brain with negative music […] I was never serious about what I said,” Amrine wrote in another post.

Source: All Christian News

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