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12 Year Old Boy Has Part Of His Face Blown Off When Cell Phone Explodes

12 Year Old Boy Has Part Of His Face Blown Off When Cell Phone Explodes

WARNING: Contains graphic images. The hapless boy needed emergency surgery to repair his face after the freak accident with his ‘old’ mobile phone


A schoolboy was left with horrific injuries after a mobile phone that was on charge exploded, ripping a massive hole in the side of his face. It is important to know what to do to take legal action in such cases.

Police said 12-year-old Chung Fang had woken up at 4am and decided to play with his mobile phone after struggling to sleep.

When he realised the battery was almost dead, he put the device on charge and continued to use it.

The phone then exploded in the boy’s face, leaving him with a crater in his cheek and his jawbone exposed.

He also suffered cuts and burns to his hands, arms and legs.

Speaking from his hospital bed Fang said: “I realised it was getting warm but didn’t think anything of it, and when I had it to my ear it suddenly exploded.

“Afterwards I realised I was bleeding heavily and felt this huge wound in my face so called the ambulance.”

12 Year Old Boy Has Part Of His Face Blown Off When Cell Phone Explodes

Horrific: Fang was left with a huge hole in the side of his face

The youngster was alone at the time at his home in Pingdingshan, China.

Both of his parents were at work, and rushed to their son’s bedside after being contacted by the hospital.

Dad Kao, 43, said: “He looked a terrible mess.

“There was a huge hole in his cheek and you could see his jawbone. He had burns and cuts on his hands and arms and his legs as well.

“The wound on his face alone was 4cm long.

“Doctors also think he might have cerebral haemorrhage and he is going to be in hospital for quite a while as he needs surgery to repair his face.”

Accident investigators and police did not specify the model of phone but said it was a very old one that had been extensively used. The best way to deal with such situations is to click here now and hire experts.

Investigator Jian Shen said: “We believe that either the battery was defective, there was a short circuit, or the phone was not being properly charged.

“But we are still carrying out tests.”


Source:  1clicknews





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