Famed Director Forest Whitaker To Produce Movie About Hazing At An HBCU

I love movies that have some form of “realistic” plot. Actor/Director Forest Whitaker is said to be teaming up with Reginald Hudlin to produce a drama about the long over due subject of “hazing”. I wonder how my Greek family feels about this, it should be very interesting.

Check out the story as reported by Black Enterprise:

Forest Whitaker to Produce Scripted Drama on HBCU Hazing

Actor backs project that will bring controversial hazing topic to the big screen

In light of the history of extreme hazing that takes place on HBCU campuses and the headlining 2011 death of Florida A&M band member, Robert Champion, actor Forest Whitaker is using his talents to bring the controversial issue to the big screen.

Teaming up with Reginald Hudlin to help producewriter/director Gerald McMurray’s feature film titledUnderground, the Academy Award-winning actor seems to be getting more involved behind the camera for this new project. The drama, which has no reported release date, will center around a student enduring harsh hazing conditions while trying to pledge a fraternity at an HBCU.

No word on who will be casted in the project, but with the history of hazing in the black community igniting lots of controversy, we’re sure the film will spark a good debate.

Source: Blackenterprise.com


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    May 31, 2014 at 2:18 PM

    I really hope they do real research with actual Greeks who actually graduated from HBCU and pledged “Underground” so they can address the real issue at hand and not just demonize our organizations with a politically correct one-sided depiction. Click the link below to see a video discussing this issue made by someone who comes from this world.

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