Prince’s “WTH” Look At The Grammy’s Summed Up His Feelings For The Album of the Year Winner…TOO FUNNY!!!


Year after year the Grammys prove that it doesn’t matter how talented you are when it comes to music. And every year, there’s always that one person who perfectly captures what the world is thinking when you’re sitting at home asking yourself, “How did Beyoncé just lose to Beck?” and “How long is this show? I have to wake up for work in the morning.”

This year’s WTF look comes from the incomparable Prince. When Prince walked onstage, he received a standing ovation, just for being Prince. While decked out in his best Fanta-orange suit, Prince announced the nominations for Album of the Year and even made sure to make a statement of his own.

“Albums—you remember those? They still matter. Like books and black lives, they still matter,” Prince said.

Prince then presented the Album of the Year award to Beck, who beat out Beyoncé and other people who probably deserved the award more than he did. But more important than Beck’s winning the award was Prince’s look of WTF:

This photo can be used for just about anything.

The next time your co-worker asks for some of your lunch, just show her this photo:

When your co-worker tries to take credit for a project he barely worked on, just show him this photo:

When your family member asks for a loan, knowing damn well he doesn’t have any intentions of paying you back, just show him this photo:


Or, when your boss asks you to take some work home, knowing that it’s your birthday weekend, just show her this photo:

Thank you, Prince. Even in that orange plastic suit, you seemed to give the world life, and you even let the world know that black lives matter.

Source: The Root

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