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Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson Former Wu-Tang Affiliate Says He Was “High As A Hell” When He Cut Off His Penis…And He’s Proud Of It!!!

Friday, Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson opened up about the circumstances surrounding his dramatic suicide attempt.

Last year, the formerly Wu-Tang-affiliated rapper cut off his own penis and jumped off a second-floor balcony. During a recent sit down with VladTV he succinctly explained his state of mind.

“PCP and meth and molly and alcohol, and no sleep. That was the main thing: no sleep,” he confessed.

christ bearer

The combination of drugs, alcohol and a deep depression (triggered by having all three mothers of his children file restraining orders against him), proved to be too much. Yet the most notable part of his meltdown were the reports that he mutilated his own genitals.

“Did you cut your penis off?” VladTV asked him.

“You know, I did. I f—-d up, my n—a, in a lot of ways.”

At one point in the interview the rapper claims he is proud of his actions.

I’m the only man ever did what the f–k I did, and I’m proud of it. Why? In the annals of history, I don’t think you got anybody who ever did it. That was a flooper, we all done woke up from a flooper. Maybe not a flooper as big as me.

How I jumped was just so heroic. I supermanned out that motherf—–r.

Even though he says producer RZA was at his apartment on the infamous night everything happened, after the incident Wu Tang distanced themselves from Bearer.

Source: The Grio

LisaRaye Shares Her Disdain About Hollywood’s Double Standards And Reality TV [Video]

lisa raye

ChiTown’s own and princess beauty LisaRaye McCoy hit the Red Carpet at the 2015 BET Awards and in authentic LisaRaye fashion she kept it “100” as she shared her thoughts on the ever-pressing issue of major differences and double standards in Hollywood as it relates to white women versus black women. LisaRaye also went on to share her feelings about reality TV when asked will the double standards ever be corrected. Take a look at the video below of LisaRaye as she talks with blogger Madame Noire:

EarHustle411 family what are you thoughts on what she said?

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Black Doctor Gets Exclusive Rights To HIV Vaccine

Black Doctor Gets Exclusive Rights To HIV Vaccine

A Black doctor has been given the exclusive license for a vaccine that could potentially help people avoid contracting the dreaded human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

The said vaccine, which is hoped to help prevent HIV contraction, is currently in its development phase at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It is scheduled for clinical trials starting early next year.

Although the vaccine is being developed at the university medical school, the license for it exclusively belongs to Dr. Whitest and Wayne Pharmaceuticals.

Negotiations for the exclusive licensing agreement were rounded off towards the end of April. The agreement, which became effective on May 15, 2015, is indeed a significant leap for the Black community in the United States when the quest for a HIV cure is concerned.

“As an African American, as a Physician, and as a member of Humanity at large, I am proud to share these announcements with you,” Dr. Whitest wrote in a release.


Source: Financialjuneteenth

Fans Of SWV’s Coko Bash K. Michelle’s Performance With Patti LaBelle She Strikes Back Saying “Coko You’re At Home”…Well Alright!!


K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton put on their grown women draws Sunday night (June 28) and buried their on-going beef at the 2015 BET Awards. Singing alongside Patti LaBelle, both R&B divas did what grown women do: They admitted their wrong. Apologized and got to sangin!

But not more than 30 seconds later, the Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart singer found herself in a tiff with another R&B songstress. This time SWV’s Coco.

Per Coco’s Tweets, she seemed to be a tad bit salty, she wasn’t singing on stage with Tamar and Ms. LaBelle and her followers also shared in that feeling of sodium. While Coco did not definitively throw any harsh remarks K.Michelle’s way, she did retweet a few of her fans who seemed to agree with her unspoken sentiments.

Peep game.

k michelle

Well K wasn’t here for the subs and in one Tweet said what she had to say.

k michelle tweet

Source: VIBE

White Supremacists Sign Up For Military To Train For Race War With Little Pushback From Pentagon

White Supremacists Sign Up For Military To Train For Race War With Little Pushback From Pentagon

After the horrific massacre at Charleston’s historic black church, Americans are slowly realizing the threat posed by white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements. But few know that their presence has grown within one of the most powerful institutions in America: the US military.

According to the FBI, there are hundreds of white supremacists in the US army or in the veteran community. Some analysts even estimate the number is in the thousands. In America, 203 white supremacist “extremist cases” investigated by the Bureau from 2001 to 2008 involved veterans. The problem hasn’t gone away. Neo-Nazi veteran Wade Michael Page attacked six worshippers at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in 2012.

I spent a number of years investigating how neo-Nazis and white supremacists had infiltrated the US military, with very little push back from the Pentagon, which was desperate to keep the supply of troops flowing for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As part of my research, I spoke to veterans who had become white supremacists before service and joined to gain access to weapons and training, as well as veterans who had been radicalized after returning from the war.

Charles Wilson, spokesman for the National Socialist Movement, one of the top neo-Nazi groups in America, was frank about his attempts to populate the US armed forces with extremists: “We do encourage [our members] to sign up for the military. We can use the training to secure the resistance to our government. Every one of them takes a pact of secrecy … Our military doesn’t agree with our political beliefs, they are not supposed to be in the military, but they’re there, in ever greater numbers.” He claimed to have 190 members serving.

Wilson’s claims can’t simply be dismissed as empty boasting. In a 2006 report , the National Gang Intelligence Center, which operates under the DOJ and integrates gang intelligence across agencies, noted: “various white supremacist groups have been documented on military installations both domestically and internationally.” Neo-Nazis “stretch across all branches of service, they are linking up across the branches once they’re inside, and they are hard-core,” Department of Defense gang detective Scott Barfield told the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The extent of the threat is evident if you speak to people like Dennis Mahon, a white supremacist who acts as a “lone wolf”. I spoke to him in 2008 on the phone. Four years later, he was sentenced to 40 years for a bomb attack that injured a black city official in Phoenix.

“I know two people in the military – one in Marines and one in the army. One has done two tours of Iraq,” he told me. “They are so desperate at the moment; they are going to let you in with a small swastika. If you are an obvious racist and shoot niggers and queers you might find it difficult, but generally you are fine,” he continued.

Mahon went on to tell me: “The soldiers learn from unconventional warfare in Iraq and they realize that they can use that type of warfare in America, and it’s impossible to stop. I tell people to learn as much as you can to improve munitions capabilities, patrolling; I want them to learn sniping and explosives, the Green Berets.”

A 2008 FBI report found: “Military experience – ranging from failure at basic training to success in special operations forces – is found through-out the white supremacist extremist movement.” Most of them were associated with the National Alliance and the National Socialist Movement, which promote anti-Semitism and the overthrow of the US government, and assorted skinhead groups.

Despite the risk these Army-trained extremists pose, there has been much opposition to acknowledging that the military has a problem, let alone doing something to fix it.

When the Department of Homeland Security warned in 2009 that disenchanted veterans wooed by white supremacist movements could lead to the “potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks”, the report was lambasted by right-wing politicians and commentators. Michelle Malkin called it “one of the most embarrassingly shoddy pieces of propaganda I’d ever read” and “anti-military bigotry”.

I know a number of analysts who researched radicalized US vets who went quiet after they were victims of similar smear campaigns. The senior analyst on homegrown terrorism who authored the report, Daryl Johnson, was put out to pasture by his employer. He now works as a consultant. Johnson has since warned of the “growing threat” from far-right radicals with military training. “My greatest fear is that domestic extremists … will [carry] out a mass-casualty attack. That is what keeps me up at night,” he said.

If the US government wants to get serious about taking on white supremacist terrorism it must commit to kicking them out of the military. Like Dylann Roof, neo-Nazi veterans want a race war in the US. The government should make sure that extremists like him receive no training in the US armed forces that might help them carry out their fantasies.


Source: Rawstory


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