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Two House Stealing Women Almost Got Away With Stealing 6 Homes!!

stolen house

Laverne Green was shocked to discover that someone had stolen her house and moved strangers in. She was even more dismayed to find out that she had to start court proceedings to get her own house back.

It all started when Green and her husband, undergoing a divorce, had moved out of their Prince Georges County, Maryland, townhouse. Green still stopped by weekly to make sure everything was OK with the house. But in May 2013, she arrived to find an unwelcome surprise when she discovered that her key didn’t work in the door.

“So I knock on the door, and this lady comes to the door,” Green told ABC News’ “20/20.” “She said that she was renting the property. I’m like, ‘How can you rent this property–this is my house?’”

The renters said they procured the house through broker Shannon Lee. They called Lee, who arrived minutes later.

“This lady pulls up in this black BMW. She jumps out of the car, and she said, ‘Well, I bought this property through a tax sale,’” Green recalled. “I asked her, ‘[Do you] have the deeds and everything to the house?’ She said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve got everything.’”

Police say Lee had actually taken control of her house with forged documents and then rented it out.

“Nobody suspected that someone would actually advertise a property they didn’t own and collect rent on it,” prosecutor Angela Alsobrooks told “20/20.”

Alsobrooks said this type of scam only works if the real homeowner isn’t around to notice. Luckily, Green not only visited her house often, but she also was a secretary for the Prince Georges County Police. Instead of calling 911, Green asked co-worker Lt. Charles Duelley for help.

Duelley got a search warrant for Lee’s home and discovered a stack of deeds he said were forged for other homes and other evidence of a scheme in progress much larger than he’d ever imagined.

“I identified probably 15 to 20 other properties … that had been targeted,” Duelley told “20/20.”

Police say Lee, along with her alleged partner in crime, Qiana Johnson, apparently gained control of at least six houses and planned to steal 15 to 20 more.

Duelley believes Lee scouted the area for houses that appeared vacant and were pending foreclosure. He said she compiled meticulous house by house reports of potential targets, even breaking in to take photos.

Lee then used blank deeds, according to Duelley, adding her name as the new owner, a fake notary seal and a bogus lawyer signature. She then simply walked into the county records department to officially enter that counterfeit into the public record.

Charrise and Michael Stewart answered an advertisement Lee posted when she was looking to rent one house she had taken over.

“We fell in love with it,” Charrise Stewart told “20/20.” “It was everything we wanted in a house, and the price was right.”

The Stewarts said Lee represented herself as a respected broker, gave them a tour and got them to sign a lease. It seemed legitimate to them, despite some suspicious red flags, they said.

“From the outside you can see the damage done to the locks of the door, as if someone busted in the door, changed the locks on the door,” Michael Stewart said. Lee claimed that the scratches were from when she had trouble changing the locks.

The couple also wondered why they were not receiving electric bills from the local utility, Pepco. The Stewarts called the utility, but were told they couldn’t find them in the system as the owners.

In the meanwhile, authorities said, Lee and Johnson were collecting rent from the house and other properties they’d stolen. They allegedly even sold one for a pile of cash.


Source: ABC

Ever Wonder What Happened To Flavor Of Love’s New York….WOW Check Her Out!!

Who’s ready to see more plastic surgery nightmares? We all are, duh! Thank goodness the Powers That Be over at E! have released the Season 2 trailer for Botched — and it’s definitely not a disappointment! Read on for more details and keep scrolling for the insane teaser!

Paul Nassif (ex-husband of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof) and Terry Dubrow (current husband of The Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow) are back in action once more helping everyday folks — and celebrity clients — fix, well, botched plastic surgeries.

Season 1 may have featured celebrities like former America’s Next Top Model judge and supermodel extraordinaire Janice Dickinson, but the ante is definitely being upped for the sophomore season. Just from taking a gander at the trailer, we see that former Flavor of Love contestant Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand Lamas, and former baseball legend Jose Canseco are all looking to get back to their prime — or, as Jose says, “get [their] sexy back.”

Not convinced to tune in yet? We’ll let New York give you a little nugget of knowledge to show you how wackadoodle this season’s going to be: “I love plastic surgery,” she says. “Purchase it if you weren’t born with it, dammit.” Boom, consider yourself enlightened — not.

Source: Dallas Black

Breast-Feeding Mother Kicked Out Of Office For..You Guessed It….Breast-Feeding!!! SMH!!

Erin Dianne Peña

A mother in Texas thought that of all places her pediatrician’s office would respect her need to breastfeed her 4-month-old son. Erin Dianne Peña found out that breastfeeding in public is frowned upon at University Medical Center even though Texas law states: “A mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.” After refusing to cover up, Peña was escorted off the property by a UMC security guard.

Peña was waiting for her appointment with Dr. Emily Fernandez when she realized it was time to feed her son. Hospital staff promptly informed her that if she did not cover up or go to a private room they would to ask her to leave. She said that although she is well within her rights to breastfeed anywhere in public, she would’ve respected the wishes of a restaurant, but she was more than a little surprised by her hospital’s request. The security guard who escorted her out of the building was even taken aback by the circumstances of her removal.

“I’m so furious and upset. I just got thrown out of my ObyGyn/Pediatrician’s office for breastfeeding!” Peña wrote on KCBD NewsChannel 11’s Facebook page. “The receptionist told me I couldn’t breastfeed in the lobby and had to go to the bathroom or room in the back. I said I had the right to breastfeed anywhere. She said if I don’t stop she will cancel my baby’s appointment. His appointment was for his vaccines! I refused and she canceled it, so I went to find the doctor thinking she would be reasonable and she wasn’t. She was condescending, kept calling me honey. I said, ‘No one in the lobby even cared.’ She rudely said, ‘Yeah, they do. They just don’t say it to your face.'”

Peña said that her doctor even lied about her “walking around with my breast hanging out,” even though she was not in the waiting room when the incident occurred. UMC representatives said they are aware of the situation and are currently taking steps so that a similar incident does not occur in the future. UMC also said that it supports breastfeeding as the best feeding option for newborns, but that the mother was in an area of the hospital she was not supposed to be in, KCBD reported.

“UMC regretfully acknowledges this situation. We have contacted the patient this afternoon and apologized for what transpired. We will investigate fully as it is our intent to comply with all applicable laws,” the UMC Health System said in a Facebook post that has since been removed.

Source: Medical Daily

Warren Ballentine “The People’s Lawyer” Convicted Of Mortgage Fraud

He styled himself “The People’s Attorney” and once claimed that 3 million listeners tuned in to hear his brand of black empowerment on his nationally-syndicated radio show.

But former Soul 106.3 personality Warren Ballentine is now a convicted fraudster.

A federal jury took less than an hour Friday morning to find Ballentine, 43, guilty on six counts connected to a $10 million mortgage scam.

Ballentine hung his head, frowned and mouthed the word “Man” as the verdicts were announced by U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly.

Evidence during the trial showed that Ballentine used straw buyers to obtain mortgages on properties they never intended to live in. In some cases, he attended closings for the same phony purchasers at two different properties within three days of each other, each time telling the straw buyers to lie on their mortgage forms.

Ballentine uses the handle @truthfighter1 on twitter, but during closing arguments at the end of a week-long trial Thursday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Boutros told jurors “Warren Ballentine is not on trial because he’s a truth fighter — he’s on trial because he fought against the truth.”

Loan applications Ballentine submitted were “shot through with lies,” Boutros said.

The fraudulent applications helped him and his co-conspirators buy homes in Chicago and suburbs including Monee, Woodridge, Mokena, Country Club Hills, Richton Park, and Markham between 2004 and 2006.

Ballentine’s lawyer Lewis Myers unsuccessfully argued that Ballentine merely acted as an attorney at closings, and that Ballentine was not involved in any “hanky panky.”

Co-defendants who plead guilty and testified against Ballentine in return for reduced sentences got “millions” while Ballentine himself only “went home to his wife with $350″ after each closing, Myers said.

Speaking after the verdict, he said Ballentine would appeal.

Ballentine, whose show was also carried on WVON radio before his indictment, lives and broadcasted from Durham, N.C., but grew up on the South Side and previously lived in south suburban Country Club Hills, where he maintained a law office. His radio show was picked up by urban radio stations nationwide.

He now faces up to 30 years behind bars on each of 6 counts and a $6 million fine, plus restitution.


Source: Chicago SunTimes

Andrew Hawkins kicks 2-Year-Old Son Out Of House For Liking A.J. Green [Funny]

andrew hawkins


Well, maybe unless one of the best wideouts in the league was his teammate for the first three seasons of his career.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins was once a Cincinnati Bengal, with Pro Bowler A.J. Green and versatile Mohamed Sanu as his running mates.

But this offseason, Hawkins, faced with the prospect of re-signing with theBengals or taking a larger offer sheet from the Browns, chose to go to the division rival.

It’s been a move that has paid dividends for Hawkins, who has broken out in the season’s first seven games and recorded the first 100-yard receiving game of his career last week in Jacksonville.

So, you might think Hawkins’ 2-year-old son Austin would start taking notice. Not quite yet — and the response is pretty darn funny.

andrew hawkins3

Those names you hear little Austin say are “A.J.” (A.J. Green) and “Sanu” (Mohamed Sanu).

A few more games like Hawkins has had so far in 2014 though and daddy may quickly move up Austin’s rankings.

But don’t worry – Hawkins’ “discipline” is all in good fun. Just take a look at this adorable photo of the two.


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