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Happy Valentines Day: Guy Gives Girlfriend A Screenshot Of Her Cheating On Him As A Gift Then Throws Her Out His Home [Video]

Girlfriend cheating

A guy blind folds his girlfriend and leads her into a room with rose petals on the floor and leads her to believe he has an awesome gift for her for Valentines Day.

She is giggling and all excited to see what he has in store for her but much to her surprise, he gives her a folder with screen shots of her cheating on him.

She of course looks surprisingly embarrassed.  He then says surprise B!@ch, You been cheating on me.  She then says,” I don’t care of course out of embarrassment.  

He says, I know you don’t care because you’re a whore.  He then tells her yes, I made you drive an hour for nothing now get the F#@k out of my house and this is going on YouTube sweetheart.


Check out video here.



Video Source: Youtube-Kyle Boggess

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