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Man Catches Girlfriend Cheating With Another Man & Threatens The Man Only To Get Shot Live On Facebook

Man Enters Hotel Room Catches Girlfriend With Another Man, Threatens The Man Only To Get Shot Live On Facebook

A couple engaging in some cuddle time at a hotel is surprised when the woman’s significant other shows up and catch her with another man.

The two men began to argue over the woman who taunts her boyfriend from another room accusing him of trying to embarrass them on Facebook.  She then tells him,’You ain’t gonna do nothing so get out.”

The boyfriend starts arguing with his girlfriend’s side dude and threatens him while the guy is holding a gun.  He keeps saying, ” put the gun down, I bet you won’t put the gun down.”  It appears as though some pushing and shoving takes place and the boyfriend tells the side dude to shoot him and continues daring him to shoot him.

What happens next was surprising because the side dude does exactly what the boyfriend asked him to do.  He shot him and the boyfriend screams like a woman.


Check out the video below.



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